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Burning down the house . . . then selling whatever is left on the cheap at a national fire-sale.us, then taking one last look back before moving on to . . . ? 
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Look around the USA and think about it: 
  • The necessary continual re-investment in maintaining the infrastructure of this country . . . has not been made. 
  • The continuing re-investment in public education which previously created the educated electorate necessary for democracy to work . . . has not been made. 
  • Public and private debt vastly exceeds any realistic expectation of repayment and the IOUs are . . . largely payable overseas. 
  • Remaining physical assets of inherent value and businesses with profit making potential are increasingly in . . . the hands of foreign investors. 
  • Our economy has been manipulated in order to swindle trillions of dollars from . . . millions of our homes and recently built McMansions. 
  • The ultra rich have shifted many trillions of ill-gotten assets overseas and are starting to follow the money, like rats swimming through holes in the rotten waterline of . . . a drifting, derelict, soon-to-be sunken ghost ship. 
  • Polling the neighborhood of nations in this small world, how many would not snicker when we try to suggest to them that the USA is still . . . the greatest country in the world? 
  • And when we learn the miniscule fraction on the dollar that we can get for the ruins in our fire-sale.us, ask the question . . . is there anything better than the result of unrestrained capitalism? 
  • The advertising gurus of Madison Avenue, putting lipstick on a pig one last time, will answer . . . Nothing is Better! 
  • And NOTHING is what we will be left with after the wasted, smoldering, burned out shell is auctioned for a few pennies - which will of course go towards paying a very, very small fraction of the interest on our debts . . . so we may soon have the opportunity to see if they are right. 
  • Do you still care about any of this . . . or are you taking the pill for that? 
  • How much longer will you be able to afford the prescription for that pill? 
  • Or, if you do still care, please visit > lip-service2.us  
    We have the best government that money can buy - Mark Twain 
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